Arifin Tasrif | Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of RI

Indonesia is fully committed to reducing greenhouse emission, as stated in the ratification of Paris Agreement. The country aims at reducing approximately 29% on the nation’s greenhouse emission resources and by 41% with international support. The Ministry registered an encouraging figure with a decline in CO2, which is 64.4 million tons in actual realization of Nationally Determined Contribution in energy sector in 2020. This achievement is driven by the development of new and renewable energy, low carbon fuel, clean energy application in power generation and reclamation of old mining sites.

The government is currently preparing the National Energy Grand Strategy or GSEN to achieve national energy security and independence. The Grand Strategy is expected to further reduce the CO2 emission to reach 377 tons by 2035 through mitigation efforts, power generation utilizing new and renewable energy options, implementation of energy efficiency, utilization of biofuels, reduction of coals consumption in power plants by promoting biomass co-firing, boosting electric vehicles, transitioning to low carbon fuels and manufacture of clean energy technology.

Grand Strategy Energy National (GSEN) aims to realize national energy security and independence vision. The GSEN design, is expected to reduce CO2 emissions for energy to 377 tons on 2035 through mitigation of electricity supply, production of new and renewable energy plants, implementation of energy efficiency, use of biofuels, implementation of biomass co-firing to reduce coal consumption in Coal Fire Power Plant (PLTU), utilization of electric vehicles, transition to low-carbon fuels, and manufacture of clean energy technologies.

The goal of all stakeholders, such as government, private sectors, trade associations, academics, national and international organizations is to achieve clean energy. Therefore, on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, we invite everyone to participate in achieving this goal by taking advantage of the Indonesia EBTKE ConEx 2021 forum, as the brainstorming channel for energy transition towards zero emission in indonesia. We hope that this acts as the initial step to encourage public interest and participation in developing renewable energy.
“Launching the 10th EBTKE ConEx 2021, 9 April 2021”

Arifin Tasrif
Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of RI